Thursday, May 8, 2008

Minimum Lighting Design Project

Minimum Lighting Design Project

Sketch Series 1: April 20 @ 1:00

The sky on this day was slightly overcast. Since the building faces the west it doesn't get any direct sunlight accept when the sun begins to set. At 1:00 the sun is high in the sky and no direct light enters the lobby, and since the sun wasn't very bright that day, the reflections that are there are slightly fuzzy.

Final Luraline Light Design Competition

Sketch Series 1: April 1 @ 12:00

The sun was shining bright on this day. Since the building faces west there is no direct light coming into the lobby but there is light reflecting on the concrete surface. This image is very similar to the one taken earlier in the semester in February at 11:00. The daylight savings time change has had a large influence on this matter.

Images of Light from my own Travels

Sketch Series 2: Retail Store (CVS)

This retail space used overall Flourescent lighting. Across the store there are rectangular flourescent lights lined up and evenly spaced creating a striped effect. Along the Perimeter there is a cove lighting that faces downward, washing the wall. The areas of the store are color coded to make finding items easy. There are strips of colored plastic above the shelving that identify the merchandise. These colored pieces are illuminated from behind.